Tuesday, January 15, 2008

4 Things

I was tagged by Maren so here goes . . . . . .

*Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Adventure Guide for the Boy Scouts of America
2. Physical Therapy Tech at Provo Hospital
3. Recreation Director at Legacy House of Taylorsville Assisted Living
4. Mortgage Officer at Sunwest Capital

*Four places I have lived:
1. Santa Clara, UT
2. Salt Lake City (and surrounding areas), UT
3. Fukuoka, Japan (do missions count?)
4. Summerville, SC

*Four TV Shows that I watch:
1. Amazing Race
2. Survivor
3. Biggest Loser
4. Prison Break

*Four places I have been (other than where I lived):
1. Hong Kong/China
2. England/Scotland
3. Australia/New Zealand
4. Curasao, Netherland Antilles

*Four of my favorite foods:
1. Chicken & Mushroom crepes
2. Grandma Frei's homemade rolls and noodle soup
3. Chicken Squares
4. Mom's round steak and funeral potatoes

*Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Home (Santa Clara)
2. At the cabin (Kolob)
3. Anywhere warm in the Carribean
4. On a fun adventure in a new place with Scott and Easton

*Four friends that I think will respond:
1. I would like everyone to. :)

*Four favorite books: (Wow, I would actually have to list the only 4 books I have read in the last few years - he he he.)
1. Twilight Series - Yes, I read all three and in record time for me. :)
2. Harry Potter Series - Scott and I read book 7 together so I didn't have to revert to listening to it on cd.
3. Memoirs of a Geisha
4. Between a Rock and a Hard Place (the Aron Ralston story - the guy who got stuck in a slot canyon and had to cut off his arm to survive)

*Four things I look forward to in the next year:
1. Myrtle Beach in a few weeks
2. Friends coming to visit (hooray for Marty and Angie!)
3. A trip to Salt Lake and St. George to see family
4. Welcoming my little sister KayDee's first baby in September!

**I tag Kelly, Angie, Mindy, & KayDee**


Elder Fonseca said...

Elder Orchard!

Do you remember this old name?
I am Elder Fonseca, you know me as "Raul da Fonseca" a 13 years little boy who lived in Cascavel city Parana? sounds familiar to you?
My Dear Elder I am now a missionary for The True Church here on earth. I am serving in the Brazil MaceiĆ³ Mission. But this is not the end, I am also finishing my mission and this week on 30 January I am getting home after the Best two years of my life. We lost you adrees so this is why we naver send you some news.
Elder please make some contact with us and talk us about your family. And so I can tell you more about my mission in MaceiĆ³. You can write in English for us, everbody in the family speaks the language.

Send hi to everyone!

Elder Fonseca

Scott (aka Elder Orchard) said...

Elder Fonseca!! I remember you all very well. How could I forget your family. I have great memories visiting you and your sister, and your parents.

I have lots to share and this blog wouldn't be sufficient. Please send me an email to scubascorch@hotmail.com and we can catch up on old times.

KayDee & Chris said...

Thanks for including baby Saydee(hopefull:))