Monday, January 28, 2008

Myrtle Beach in January!???

This weekend we decided to venture over to Myrtle Beach (2 hrs. from where we live) because Travelzoo had some great deals on places to stay. And, let us not forget, it's "off-season." It turned out that Easton had a cold AND we had some pretty cold weather but still had a great time. Besides walking the beach a few times we went to the Aquarium which was pretty cool. Easton LOVED all of the sharks in the "tunnel." They had one of those moving pathways through the tank so you could see everything. We did find out he's a little afraid of dark places and scuba divers. :) The Aquarium is located in an area called "Broadway at the Beach" and had a ton of other stuff to do. After the Aquarium we caught an IMAX movie in 3D (of course it had to have sharks) and then had fun at a place called MagiQuest. It's a fun family geared place where you select a magic wand and then go through the kingdom opening chests of gold and collecting ancient runes to increase your powers as a Magi. Though 80% of the people there were kids, Scott liked it just as much as any of them. :) Come 5:00 we could tell that Easton was pooped so we wrapped up with some dinner at Hard Rock Cafe and headed back to our resort. It was a fun weekend!

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Tiffany & Colby said...

What a fun vacation! See, I told you it would be fun moving away, there would be so many new things to see!

And how did you do your super cute heart at the top?