Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I've been a little behind on reading blogs this past week because we have been having too much fun with our friends the Nowling's in town. I was tagged by Allie on this post so here goes.

*10 Years Ago: I had one semester of college under my belt as a freshman at BYU. I was loving college all except for my harder classes. I threw the javelin on the track team and was a part of an women's intramural flag football team that I loved! There was nothing better than a flag football game on a rain-soaked, muddy field.
*On My To-Do List: Sleeep (I caught a "sick" bug and feel like crawling up on my bed and dying). Clean the house. Spend some time online looking at Young Women stuff (I just got called as YM President in our ward-It's been 11 years since I've been in YW!!!).
*5 places that I've lived: Santa Clara, UT - Provo, UT - Murray, UT - Kearns, UT - Summerville, SC.
*5 jobs I have had: Adventure Guide for Boy Scouts of America in Moab, Aquatic Assistant at Orem Fitness Center, Recreational Therapist for autistic population, Activity Director for Assisted Living Community, Mortgage Officer.
*What I would do if I became a billionaire: Travel the world with my family (at least the places I still have on my "to go" list, buy a house in Santa Clara, see every show playing on Broadway, get a personal trainer for life! :)
*Bad habits: I used to be pretty OCD about some things but since having Easton that has changed quite a bit. At times I can be too competitive. I'm a reality tv show junkie (thanks to DV-R).
*Things I enjoy: Being with family, Santa Clara, time at a spa (massages & pedicures), a good advenutre (this usually happens on any trip with my dad), the great outdoors, good food, my little Easton smiling at me.
*Things people don't know about me: People are always suprised to know that I played the accordion for many many years when I was younger. In middle school (9th grade at Snow Canyon High) my mom bribed me to go try out for the Dixie High softball team. She knew I wanted a ferret and said I could have one if I made the team. I'll bet you can guess how it all turned out. :)

I TAG: Anyone reading that would like to participate.


Liz said...

Jess-congrats on YW president! That's awesome, those girls are way lucky. You would be the coolest young women's president I ever had! That's so neat, good luck.

Maren & Danny said...

YW president-you go girl! Congrats-you will do great! You mentioned that you are competitive-really? That surprises me... :0)