Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Official Announcement

Okay, okay, so I will make an OBVIOUS and OUTSTANDING post so that everyone will know for sure that we are expecting baby #2. :0) I dropped a hint in our MS Walk post with a few pictures like these at the end. There were a lot of pics so I really didn't think anyone would get that far or see them (am I sneaky or what!?). Good for a small handful of you that did! The second hint came in the ABC Tag post and I got a few more of you on board then. He he he. Anyway, I figured that if my mom knew the word would soon get out so I'd better let everyone know. We are only 12 1/2 weeks along right now and all is well (due around November 3rd). No sickness at all but a little tired here and there. We are sure Easton will be excited to have a sibling when he figures out what we are actually talking about. He says "baby Orchard" but really he doesn't get it yet. We are excited and will be couting down the many many more days left.


Carly said...

Congrats Scott and Jess! I am so excited for you. I can't wait to find out if you're having another little boy Orchard or a little girl Orchard! Perhaps you can let us all know with another clever hint hidden in pictures! I love your blog Jess, and I miss seeing you guys. Hopefully we can all hook up this summer in our hometown!

Carr Family said...

Jess Congrats. Thanks for making it obvious to those of us who are apparently myself. Liam pats my tummy and says "baby", but the poor kid has no idea whats about to invade his territory. It will be interesting to see how baby #2 changes things. Good luck with it all.

Krista said...

Jessica, I am so excited for you! It will so much fun to have you and KayDee's babes so close! Easton is the cutest thing and will love being a big brother - doing big brotherly things!!!