Monday, August 18, 2008

Animal Planet Expo

On Saturday I took a mental/family health day by skipping out on Youth Conference and went to the Animal Planet Expo at the Fairgrounds with Scott and Easton. Besides the fact that it was hotter than a doornail and I was sweating all over the place, we had a lot of fun. First of all, it was FREE and free rocks! They had a whole bunch of little games the kids could play (some of them had prizes) as well as jump castles and slides. There were various displays set up with insects and reptiles. They had the larger animals up on a stage where they did the animal show. Right about the time we were leaving the "frisbee dogs" came out and were doing a demonstration. Easton's favorite thing was the huge crocodile slide. It looked way to huge for him to be able to climb up and not kill himself coming down but somehow he managed, more than a few times. We had to pry him away in order to go home. :)


Mindy said...

Love the mental/family health day... I'll have to use that next time I need to skip out on something! Cute scrapbook page, you are so good at that stuff!

Mindy said...

p.s. I LOVE your cute new background and especially your new header!