Sunday, April 5, 2009

Flashback Friday (a little late): G&G Frei

March 19th was my Grandma Frei's birthday. It came and went so fast that I decided I needed to do a post dedicated to her. I love my grandma dearly, and grandpa too! They have always been there for me and been involved in my life growing up. This June they will have been married for 67 years! Sweet!

The two things that I admire most about my grandma are 1) her example of faith, and 2) her work ethic.

When I was in middle school and high scool I would go spend the night at grandma's when grandpa was out to Panguitch feeding cattle or moving water lines. Oh the stories she would tell while I rubbed her feet and put her to sleep! They were always enjoyable to hear. One night she told me that when Grandpa was off to war with the army she prayed and promised Heavenly Father that she would say her prayers EVERY DAY and never miss if he would bring grandpa home safe. Lucky for all of us, grandpa did make it home safe. Years and years ago grandpa was hit by lightning while out working in the field at Panguitch. It is an amazing story (but I won't go into detail here) and grandpa came out of it alive but with some pretty bad burns down the side of his body. Grandpa said that it was his rubber watering boots that he was wearing that saved him. Grandma argues it was his "silkies" that he was wearing that saved him. I tend to agree with Grandma. :0) Grandma studies her scriptures daily and is always listening to conference talks and anything church related. She always encouraged us to serve a mission growing up and to live worthy to go to the temple. There isn't much that makes grandma more happy than being able to attend the temple with her family. She has a strong testimony that shows through her daily actions. I love that she has been, and still is so dedicated in the gospel!

Grandma taught me all about "elbow grease" at a very young age. When there is cleaning to be done it needs to be done well and thoroughly. She still prefers hand-washing dishes and hanging clothes out to dry on the clothes line. Grandma always has a garden planted in the yard and is know for her yummy vegetables. The reason that she can grow some darn good vegetables is because she spends hours and hours out there taking care of her garden in her wide brimmed hat. Grandma is always on the go and we just can't get her to slow down. She says that if she sits down she'll fall asleep. I venture to say that this work ethic has rubbed off on me. :0)

Happy birthday grandma! I love you!


Sandie said...

What an awesome example! Thanks for sharing a little bit of her with us! Happy birthday, Jewell!

Angie said...

She sounds like one neat lady!!

Frank, Heidi and Family said...

What a wonderful tribute. They remind me so much of my grandparents- well atleast from what you wrote:). I am glad you wrote the details down so your kids or grandkids will know about them as well.

Maren said...

Love the part about the 'silkies'- only a man would be practical & say it was the takes a woman to see the 'truth' :0)

Erin said...

Oh those pictures are just too sweet Jess! I loved this post! Something about grandparents...they are just so special.

I haven't bought a lens yet. All at once we were paying for plane tickets to Cancun, carpets that need cleaning, and Ellie's summer camp so my lens will have to wait a month. :) I'm still thinking I'll get the one you looked at though. I'm still a bit overwhelmed with the SLR thing! I love it, but it can be hard to have to adjust so many things before I take a picture...then we walk from the sun to the shade or a cloud appears and I'm readjusting everything again. Is it easy once you become a pro like you? :)