Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Half way

We are now half-way into our sunny Orlando vacation with my parents. We've been having such a fun time! On Saturday we went to Sea World. This is always a favorite. We saw everything there was to see and Scott got to ride their brand new roller coaster ride "Manta"(which actually opened a few days ahead of schedule). It was a little too twisty for me. :0) For lunch that dad my dad made us special reservations to "Dine with Shamu." There is an area behind the scenes of Shamu stadium where we got to eat lunch while the Shamu show was going on. Once it was over they brought Shamu and a few other whales of the Sahmu family over to meet us. We got to see how they train and work with the killer whales. This was awesome! We got to see them so much closer than you ever get to during the shows. I'm talking like 5 feet away! Easton thought it was the coolest thing.

We got to see a cool animal show with Jack Hannah! This guy is fun to watch on tv. Kind of like a Steve Irwin crocodile hunter if you don't know who he is. He was only there for 2 days doing his show.

On Sunday my parents watched the kids and let Scott and I head out for a date! We covered both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in one day! Islands of Adventure has always been a favorite of ours. Over the years I've become less and less brave when it comes to riding crazy rides. But, I did manage to muster the gall to ride on the Incredible Hulk coaster not only once but twice that day! Hooray for me! It really is a cool ride though. The Spiderman ride is very cool too. We spent most of the day soaking wet from the 2 water rides we went on but luckily dried out enough before we caught the new X-men Wolverine movie that evening. It was a great day! Thanks mom and dad!

Yesterday (Monday) we went to Disney World. For some odd reason it seemed like the rest of world was there too. Very busy. It's a good thing mom likes to rent a motorized wheel chair (we walk her to death) because that allowed us to skip most of the lines that we ran in to.

Easton & AnnDee thoroughly enjoyed the day. Can you guess what Easton's favorite ride was??? Yes, Pirates of the Carribean. I think we rode it 3 or 4 times. Mia even liked Pirates too but I think her favorite was Small World. Easton tried riding Thunder Mountain for the first time and he actually liked it. He was about to go on Splash Mountain but changed his mind when they went to get in line. I'm glad he did because that one worried me. I didn't want him to be scared and never go on a ride again for a long time. :0) The kids were troopers as we got there when it opened and didn't leave until about 8:00 p.m. Much longer than we had anticipated staying.

Today we had planned to hang out here at the resort (Mariott Harbour Lakes) and rest up from our long day yesterday. The kids love it here because the whole resort is "pirate" themed. One of the pools has a big pirate ship in it that has slides off it and water squirting canons. There is also a pirate splash pad. Easton seriously thinks he has died and gone to heaven. I'll have to get some pics of the ship before we leave. This evening Scott, my dad, and I are headed to Epcot to go scuba diving in the big aquarium there. It should be pretty exciting as I think it is the largest aquarium in North America. Hope we don't get snacked on by any of the shark! Tomorrow we are off to Animal Kingdom!


Sandie said...

Sounds awesome!

Mindy said...

Looks like fun!

Frank, Heidi and Family said...

Oh so much fun. Frank and I went on a trip to Orlando and did all the touristy stuff before we had kids and our absolute favorite was Island of Adventures too. It is amazing. We hope to at least get to Disneyland in the fall again. I love it.

The Harrises said...

Looks like fun! Always a blast when you're served cocktails by Shamu! Your husband seems like a kids at heart since he likes all these roller coaster rides. What I would give to have a date night with Mat!

Erin said...

What a party you're having!!! I feel like you're in my neck of the woods. :) Enjoy the rest of your vacation! (very impressed that you're blogging while you're there!)