Monday, June 1, 2009

Memorial Weekend Camping

Here are some pics from our fun camping trip at Santee over Memorial weekend. We had a great time and made it home in time to miss the day-long downpour of rain.

Playing in the lake . . . . no aligators present (that we could see anyway).

This ugly thing is a skink.

Mia fell asleep in the carrier on a short hike.

Roasting hot dogs!!


Erin said...

Fun weekend! You're very brave to take a baby camping. Since I've had little ones I always camp all day and then sleep a few miles away in a hotel (for the babies of course). ;) I call it glamorous camping "glamping" and love it! Problem is that Addie is big enough to sleep in a tent this summer and I'm out of excuses! :)

Mindy said...

We haven't been camping forever. Mia is looking so cute!

Maren said...

I wanna go! Can't believe how big Mia is getting already- what a cutie!