Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lens Giveaway on the MCP Actions Blog!

For any readers that are into photography and have and SLR camera, I wanted to share this cool giveaway info from the MCP Actions Blog ( I'm sure there are going to be hundreds of people enter but hey, it's worth a shot right? It's a Tamron 18-270mm (for a crop sensor Nikon or Canon) or the 28-300mm (for a full frame Nikon or Canon).

To enter, you will need to do the following:

- Post to your blog, twitter and/or facebook about this contest (let people know how to enter and provide a link)

- Go back to the blog and leave a comment writing where you posted (with link so that it can be verified if your post is picked from the random drawing)

- In your comment, please write why you want to win this lens, where you would want to most the lens, and for fun tell us how many lenses you currently own.

To qualify, you must:

- Have a US mailing address that the lens can ship to – this can be yours or a friend or relative but make sure you have one prior to entering (Tamron USA is only authorized to sell and distribute in the US)

- Have a Camera that works with Tamron Lenses. If you do not have a Nikon or Canon SLR, a similar range lens for Pentax or Sony will be substituted.

- Do all the above items explained in the “enter section.”

1 comment:

The Harrises said...

Do you know how much my husband would love me for winning this for him? I think my chances are good---I'm sure that's what you said too?
May the sappiest story win!