Monday, August 10, 2009


Now that we are here in Utah (St. George) and settled in, I would like to offer a few FREE photo shoots while I am here to help build my portfolio. Anyone that is interested should contact me by email asap as availability is limited. Please include your phone number in the email so that I may contact you. Thanks!


Lindsay said...

I would love to have you take my girls' pictures. Your portfolio is so cute:) We also need family pictures done. Let me know. Thanks!

928-347-4427 home
435-619-3184 cell

Erin said...

Ahhh man! I so wish we were there! Let me know next time you're planning a trip and I'll plan one for the same time. :)

Have a great time in St. George!

Tia said...

I'd love to have you take our pics! We're going to be in Park City on Friday the 21st before the TRI. Maybe we could set something up? Park City would be a fun place to shoot!
801-633-7679 is my cell #.

Tia said...

I just had a your whole family coming to the tri? If so, I could do your pics too if you want. I need to build up my portfolio as well! Let me know.

ammon and hayley said...

OOH pick us!!

Lisa said...

Oh, I wish my hubby was here and we could get you to take a picture of our whole family!! Maybe next time.

It was great seeing you- Easton is adorable. Have a fun visit!

Jen L said...

We are ready for some pictures. I would even pay if you want. both of my boys haven't pictures for over a year except for my snapshots
call me. 669-1478