Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pioneer Woman Cookbook

Who doesn't love the Pioneer Woman??!!! If you don't know all about Ree Drummond and one of the coolest blogs on the planet then you'd better jump on the band wagon and educate yourself now. I must have been living under a log this summer because I had no idea that she was finally putting out a cookbook. Her recipes are awesome and better yet, for people like me, she has great PICTURES to go along with the instructions! The book will be released October 27 but is available for pre-order at various retailers now. If you are as lucky to live in Salt Lake City you can even show up at her "tour" location and have her sign it. How cool would that be??? Click here for more info. This is a MUST HAVE! Possibly an early gift from Santa??? :0)


Erin said...

Can't wait! Love her stuff. And I'm LOVING your new header! Those are the cutest family pictures Jess!

Phill, Allie, and kids said...

I love The Pioneer Woman and check her blog at least once a day. Thanks for the heads up on the cookbook!

Lainee said...

I love The Pioneer Woman, she cracks me up! Can't wait for the cookbook!