Monday, January 18, 2010

Couponing Conundrum Part 2: Where do I get coupons?

The two most common places to get money saving coupons are from the Sunday paper and online websites.

Sunday Paper: Mostly every Sunday you will find a booklet published by Smart Source and/or Red Plum. Other booklets may include P&G Brand Saver, General Mills, etc. The word on the street is that it is better to actually subscribe to the newspaper rather than purchasing the Sunday paper separately at a gas station. Apparently gas station/drug store versions may not have as many coupons. Many people prefer to buy a few copies of the paper so that they have a few sets of that week's coupons. The cheaper way to do it would be to get coupons from your family and friends that don't use them. My WONDERFUL mother gathers 3-4 sets of coupons every week and mails them to me!!!

Online: Some of the most popular sites to print coupons are listed below. Most of them will only allow you to print two of each coupon until they reset for the next month. If you happen to have a second computer and printer at your house, you can have four! If you have a husband who has a computer and printer at work there is 2 more. See where I'm headed with this? :0) - You can enter your zip code for additional savings offered in your area. Keep in mind, this also works the other way around. There may be a certain awesome coupon that will only show up under certain zip codes that are not your own. So, if someone were so nice as to share with you what zip code they found a certain coupon under, you could print that one off too.

Red Plum

Smart Source

Hot Coupon World

Coupon Mom

Competitor Coupons: If your stores accept competitor coupons then TARGET is an awesome place to get printable coupons from to use at your store. Most other grocery/drug stores also have websites. So, get online and bookmark what you find so it's easy to go back again later.

** A note about printable coupons. It is my experience that it is easier to print a coupon (even if there is only a slight chance you may use it) right when you find it rather than pass it up and try to find it again later. Also, there are times when coupons from manufacturer websites are no longer available after they reach a certain print limit. So, in order to save yourself some heartache (this is fresh on my mind becuse it happened to me this last week), print, print, print!

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Wow, your mom is so awesome to mail you coupons. :)