Thursday, February 18, 2010

Honest Scrap

I got this award from my friend Angie. You have to tell 10 honest things about yourself and then award 4 others with the award. I have really enjoyed reading these on many friends blogs. I've pondered on this for a while and here's what I've come up with. 
1- I recently re-injured my back and am completely terrified that I will not be able to do much this year with triathlon or any training endeavors for that matter. The best thing to do would be to take a break and let it heal properly again. But I just don't know if I can do that. I'm too competitive. :0)

2- I consider myself a "jack of all trades" and master of none. I am extremely grateful for my know-how but it drives me nuts that I can't be really good at any ONE thing.

3- I can think of a million things I would rather do than sit down and read a book.

4- When I was younger (maybe sometime during middleschool) I made a "goal" book for myself. I spent months cutting pictures out of magazines that represented all of the things that I wanted to do in life. Now at the ripe old age of 30 I can say that I still have my book and I have accomplished all but 2 of the things in it. One of those things is to travel to Africa (there is still hope for that one), and the other was to be an Olympic athlete. My time is far spent for this but I reflect on that old dream every time the Olympics roll around and know that I made the right decision to focus on school and serving a mission while in college. I think I would have made a great olympic javelin thrower!

5- I love reality TV. The shows on my line up are Survivor, Amazing Race,Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol, Apprentice and I'm sure there are a few more. I recently checked out the new Undercover Boss and found it intriguing as well. From this large list it would sound like I watch TV a lot but I don't. These shows are all set on the DVR and I watch them in half the time by skipping commercials and doing it after the kids go to bed. I think the thing that is so exciting about most of these shows (the adventure ones at least) is that I get to live vicariously through watching. I would love to be on the Amazing Race!!!

6- Very few people know that I used to play the accordion when I was younger (for quite a few years). To be honest, I would still enjoy playing right now if I had it with me in SC and had the time to practice and work on it again. I think the last time I pulled it out of it's case was 3 years ago and I actually broke the hand strap on it.

7- Coupons and coupon booklets from ANY store are like GOLD to me (as my local Publix will accept coupons for other stores). I have been known to visit recycling dumpsters in search of these treasures. I also carry a very large purse in case I find some good booklets and need to take a few extra. :0)

8- If wishes were fishes we would move back to Utah tomorrow. We have loved our experience in SC and have made some wonderful life-long friends. But the bottom line is, we miss our family and friends in Utah and Utah is a MUCH better place to raise a family.

9- I LOVE being a stay-at-home mom and wife! It blows my mind everyday how my two little ones are so much like Scott and I yet have thier own little personalities as well. They are so much fun at this age even though they know just how to push my buttons.

10- About the afore mentioned "button pushing," I think my new calling in the primary is for me to learn to be more patient. I have the 5 year-old kids and there are 10, that's right, TEN kids in my class. I am the only teacher.

I now pass this onto my hubby Scott, my friend Alice who won't have any trouble being honest, my friend Erin who has a great whitty way of writing, and my sister KayDee who probably won't read this. I'm going to have to tell her. :0)


Adam & Marci Butterfield said...

Love this. Thanks for the info it was fun to read.

Erin said...

My mom played the accordion too! And you would have made an amazing Olympic athelete. Very fun post to read. :)

Erin said...

p.s. I'm quite sure I acquired all of my "wit" from Mr. Hunt's biology class. ;)

The Harrises said...

The accordion, that one surprised me. I had know idea. I sometimes read your blog and think, is this the same Jessica I knew? I would have never put you and couponing together or with the Bachelor or Dancing with the Stars. Javelin thrower yes, the Bachelor, still not believing it.

Frank, Heidi and Family said...

Jessica, although you may not feel like a "master" in the things you do, it sure seems like it to the rest of us. You pull off all your projects and goals perfectly.
You're awesome. I want to be like you when I grow-up.

Angie said...

Fun read. Thanks for sharing. I agree with the other person that mentioned I wouldn't label you as a couponer and a dumpster diver. :) I love that you had a goal book as a youth and have accomplished most of them. That is a great idea. And I wish your wish would come true too. Utah would gladly welcome you back!

Tia said...

I can't believe how much in common we are. I'm SO bummed about your back, and I'm sorry you have to take some time off. Get better soon! I am forcing myself to start reading more. I just borrowed 3 books (including Twilight), from my mom & SIL, and I have a goal to try to read the book group book each month.
I would kill to be on the Amazing Race. I love all those same shows, and DVR them for evening time.
And that's so awesome that you used to play the accordian!
And we would love to have you come back to Utah! I hope you can come back someday soon. :)

Tia said...
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