Thursday, February 11, 2010


The List: (Publix)
4 pkg. Knox Gelatin
2 bottles (24 oz.) Kraft Dressing
3 tubs Sara Lee Cheesecake Bites
1 pkg. night light replacement bulbs
2 pkg. Chips Ahoy cookies
11 bags Fisher Fusions (trail mix)

Total Paid: $1.52
Total Saved: $54.45 (97% savings)

The List (Target):
15 tubs Quaker Oatmeal Express
4 Hasbro Monopoly Deal games
4 Hasbro Scrabble Slam games

Total Paid: $6.62
Total Saved: $47.30 (88% savings)


Angie said...

I saw a video about Publix on Hip2save the other day. Wow, what a store! I wish we had one. You made money on those Knox products alone.
You're also very lucky that your Target had those products still in stock when you went.
Great deals!

Chris said...

I have been noticing the savings you have posted and I am curious how you are doing it.