Monday, April 19, 2010

A Fun Weekend

We just enjoyed a great weekend! Friday we packed up and headed out to the beach for a few hours. Mia didn't like the beach much last year but she LOVES it now. Her favorite things to do are scoop sand to fill her bucket and chase the seagulls. She enjoyed finding sea shells as well but it got a little old when she would stop to pick up EVERY SINGLE shell. That is a lot of stopping . . . or should I say, not moving at all. Easton made a new friend named Jack. I got talking to Jack's mom and sister and come to find out, his sister is Ashely Caldwell of the women's US Ski Team. She was the youngest (at 16 yrs. old) on the team and is an aerialist. I remember seeing her compete. It was her first Olympics. Pretty cool! Here are a few pics from my phone. I hauled my camera out there only to have a problem with the card that was in it and not able to use it.

After the beach we headed across the river to Scott's work to watch the Blue Angels fly. Typically there is an air show held at the base but it was cancelled due to increased air lift operations for Afghanistan. So, they flew over Charleston Harbor instead and I must say the scenery made it even more stunning. I love watching flight demonstrations, especially the Blue Angels. It just blows my mind how closely they fly together and in sync. Here are a few pics from that as well.

On Saturday we spent most of the day working on a service project that our ward was doing for the Southeast Region Day of Service. We powerwashed the Summerville Miracle League baseball field, layed pavers to make the patio/bleacher area larger, made picnic talbes and cemented them in place, and planted flowers. There was also some work done at the Children's Crisis Center. A busy day for a worthwhile cause and a wonderful weekend!!!! 


Liz said...

Your pictures are beautiful! I love how Easton and Mia are sitting the same way in the first picture. Looks like you had a great weekend. We would die to be wearing swimsuits right now, maybe in July!

Angie said...

Oh man, I wish I lived close to a beach. That looks like so much fun!

Maren & Danny... said...

awesome pics Shmess! I have seen the Blue Angels many times...always takes your breath away!

Tia said...

Awesome pics! Kevin would give up body parts to go see an air show like that I bet! ;)