Friday, January 28, 2011

Signs of Moving

Last week our moving boxes arrived from U-Pack which means the beginning of "moving clutter."

We have packed up most of the garage and I attempted to pack up most of the stuff in the kids closets that was just being "stored" in there. Since we are still 15 days out from loading the moving truck I can't go too crazy with packing. The house is still for sale and trying to maintain it's cleanliness and orderliness for showings is starting to get difficult!

On another note, since Mia is sleeping on an air matress and her bedroom furniture was sold, I realized that was going to mean new bedding for her and her new room in Utah. I had looked online all over the place and didn't really find anything I loved. Plus, most of the kids bedding these days is Full/Queen, not just Queen and it's never wide enough to cover everything on both sides. So what is a girl to do??? Call upon the powers of the best quilt maker I know . . . . my mother-in-law Robyn. After numerous talks on the phone  we decided on a pattern (Turning Twenty) and after 2 days of stewing around in the fabric stores we found some fabric. The stack on the left is the quilt back and binding, then the stack on the right is the stuff to assemble all of the quilt blocks. I am super excited for how it is going to turn out! And also glad that it's not me trying to make it! :0)


Erin said...

Jess! You're really doing it! Moving back home! So so excited for you guys. I know you've always wanted to be back in good ol' southern Utah. :) Your new house is BEAUTIFUL! How exciting to get to decorate and make it a home. You are going to be neighbors with Austin and his wife Dayna! I'm not sure how close, but he is right across from Entrada too. I'm sure you'll be in the same ward. You'll have to keep an eye on him for me. :)

After you get settled I'm coming by for a visit when I'm in town! Congrats again. I bet your mom is thrilled. (and mine will be SO jealous!) :)

p.s. LOVE the bedding fabric.

Tiffany said...

Cute material. And just for the record...I've made a turning twenty, and am getting ready to start another. They're very simple. If I can do it, anyone can!!