Friday, February 4, 2011

VT Conference

Last night I attended our annual ward visiting teaching conference. I was reluctant to go but of course they had it strategically planned to where everyone had something to bring or some kind of food item to make. And when I say everyone, I do mean EVERYONE. My deciding to go all boiled down to the fact that I did not want to disappoint my supervisor Carol who called and emailed every other day for a month making sure I was planning on going. :0) Now that it is over with I can honestly say that I am so glad that I went!

The typical visiting teaching conference is an hour and a half of being told to do your visiting teaching and why there are no good excuses. It usually feels more like a lecture than anything else. This one was completely different. Very well thought out and planned. The theme was "An Angel Like Her." They talked about angels . . . . what they are and what they do. Various people talked about different accounts of angels from the scriptures and gave examples of how the power or job of that angel had been manifest in various visiting teaching experiences in their own lives. It really created a wonderful spirit as you realized the power and effect of angels and how being a visiting teacher and doing your visiting teaching is doing the errand of angels. It made you want to be better at doing your visiting teaching without even being told. It really was neat! I would like to think that I do pretty well with my visiting teaching but I know I could do even better. I certainly have a testimony of it. I will miss visiting my sisters here in SC but look forward to getting to know many more in our new ward in St. George.


Katie said...

That is really awesome! SC is going to miss you too, keep up the blog in UT!!

Angie said...

Cool idea. Our ward has been wanting to do something like this, but haven't had a great idea yet. Maybe this is it. Thanks for sharing.

Christine said...

I always thought you were a great visiting teacher. Still miss you.