Tuesday, May 24, 2011

April Rundown

The month of April came and went in the blink of an eye and May has nearly done the same thing. We got to experience the Kite Festival for the first time. It was pretty fun. I think it was also our first hot day of spring. Though the wind wasn't strong enough to get our cool trick kite up and running , the kids still had fun playing all the games and jumping in all the bouncy things. :0)

On our way home from the Kite Festival we decided to make a stop at the pet store to replace our pet gecko that we had to leave behind in South Carolina. I had scored a cheap 20 gallon aquarium at a garage sale to we were ready for the animal. The only problem is that we came home with 2 baby geckos instead of one! Easton was so excited!!!

In preparation for Easter we had fun joining in on one of our long-time family traditions of coloring easter eggs the old fashioned pioneer way with Grandma Frei and my mom. Mom went and gathered the different leaves and flowers that color the eggs then we wrapped them and boiled them in onion shells. Once they cooled off we got to unwrap them and see how they turned out. The kids loved unwrapping them to see the cool designs.

Easter was fun this year as the kids were able to participate in the Santa Clara Easter Egg Hunt. Both Easton and Mia found "prize" eggs and got to pick out a special prize afterward. The 2 year-old competition wasn't very tough so Mia ended up with literally an entire bucket full of candy. :0) And, she insisted on carrying it everywhere!

This is the kids on Easter morning. All ready to go to church!

To conclude the last week of April we celebrated Scott's 32nd birthday and put together a wood swingset/playhouse for the kids! It was a busy month. :0)

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