Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ivins 10K / Ford Ironman

On the morning of the St. George Ironman (May 7th) Ivins City sponsors a Fitness Festival in conjunction with the Ironman. I ran  in the 10K along with my sisters Shelbee and KayDee. At the start line we discovered that there were former Biggest Loser contestant there (Sam, Stephanie, Adam, Sione and 2 others). We were so excited! We spent a good while running with Sam & Adam but then they ditched us on the hills. :0) After the race we hung out and chatted with them for a bit. Shelbee and KayDee almost had Adam in agreement to go to Shelb's party that night but they ended up heading back to LA after they did their thing at the festival. They were all really cool though and had some inspirational advice to share.

Later on that morning it was super fun to watch the athletes in the Ironman. The bike course went right by our house. There were a few people from our neighborhood that were in it and it was fun to see them pass and see their fan club cheering. I also went into town to the finish line around 7:00. So cool to see people cross the finish line!!! It's so inspiring. Maybe one day (when pigs fly) I'll get to do one. :0)


Katie said...

Glad to see you blogging a little bit! Love to read your adventures! PS I love the Biggest Loser, I bet that was so cool to meet them!!

Tia said...

Oh wow, that is SOOO cool that you got to meet them! It's crazy to see a pic of someone I know next to someone I consider "famous". I wish I could have been there. I'd also love to go to the Ironman finish line and just watch the racers finish! You're so lucky! :)