Friday, August 19, 2011

My $5 Winnings

If you live near an Albertsons you are aware of the "Sizzlin' Summer Sweepstakes Game" that was going on. Yes, their little ploy to get more people shopping more often at Albertsons worked on me. I went there all the time and bought things that I really didn't need in order to get more game pieces. I was determined to win a prize! Well, after it was all said and done I only managed to win a measly $5 cash prize. I agree that something is better than nothing but it also took me 20 minutes of waiting at Customer Service to even get it. Not sure that was worth it!


Scott said...

Minimum wage is around $7.25. So on min wage waiting 20 minutes would have cost $2.42. You earned $5.00 so you actually earned an additional $2.58. Good job!! :-)

Jessica said...

True, BUT, I never work for minimun wage! :0)