Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Mia!

Today our little Mia turned 3 years old. I think she is 3 going on 13!!! I don't know where the time goes. To celebrate she invited a few of her cousins and friends to go eat and play at McDonalds. She had fun playing and opening gifts.

She got one of her dad's favorite things in the world . . . a Justin Bieber microphone!!! ;0)

Later on we invited the family over for a "haunted" birthday dinner. The dining room was decorated fun. We had chili served in pumpkin bread bowls. Yum!

Mia wanted skeletons for dessert so that's how we did her cake. Green chocolate skeletons in the dirt (brownie). She had a great birthday!!!

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Mindy said...

She's such a beautiful little girl, I can't believe she's three already! Happy Birthday to Mia!