Sunday, October 2, 2011

St. George Marathon

Yesterday I ran in my first (and probably last) marathon. The good 'ol St. George Marathon! All 26.2 miles of it! I had not run in the 4 weeks between the half iron and this so I was not sure how I would do or what to expect. Since I didn't have any expectations I think it was actually the first time that I was not nervous before the event. :0)

We started off bright and early although not too early as we had spent the night in Central so wouldn't have to ride the bus at 4:30 A.M. to the start line. Luckily it was not too cold at all. I wore my jacket for the first 3-4 miles then I got rid of it. My sister KayDee and I had trained together but since she is faster than me I ended up running the first 12 miles with 2 ladies from my ward, Gina Gottfredson and Nicole Graff. After that I was on my own. I got to see Scott and the kids as we dropped down near the entrance to Snow Canyon (just over 3 hours in). They were all there cheering me on! :0)

Everything went pretty smoothly overall. My legs were starting to get achy around mile 18. By mile 20 I finally stopped to use the bathroom. The last 6 miles were so hard but it really helped to get down into town and have a whole bunch of people lining the streets cheering.

My official finish time was 5:24:47.
Finished 61 in Women's Weight Under 40.
Overall Finishing Position: 4929
Overall Finishing Position in Gender: 2094

Though it was a good experience I can now check that off the list and never have to worry about it again!!! :0)

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Mindy said...

You are a ROCK STAR! I'm proud of you!