Sunday, November 27, 2011

FOR SALE: Profoto D1 Studio Kit 500/500 Air w/remote

Update: SOLD 

This is for all of you budding photographers out there . . . .

Last summer I made an investment on some NICE studio lights. Purchased from Pictureline in Salt Lake City. I have used them only 2 times. They are outstanding!!! I can no longer let them sit in my closet . . . that is a bonus for you!!! Studio lights are not only good for indoors but can be used to achieve different looks outside as well.

This kit comes in a super fancy padded case for carrying. I even have the original box it came in. You can get all the juicy details and specs at this link. Check out what they can do!

The kit retails at $2,379.00 and a arm and leg for tax. I am selling for $1,900.

I also have a Sekonic Light Meter (L-358) that I purchased at the same time.
Retails for $309.00. Will sell for $200.

If you are interested shoot me an email or give me a call. (843) 822-6869. OR, better yet, have your husband/wife/mom/dad give me a call to buy you an AWESOME Christmas present!!! :0) Thanks!


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Clayton Family said...

Hey Jessica! WOW I can't believe you ran a MARATHON!! well I can but WOW how awesome - congratulations! Mia is getting SOOOO big-I can't believe it! Glad her B-day went well. Hey if I wanted to get a NICE professional camera what would you recomend?? Glad you all are doing well!