Saturday, June 9, 2012

Roo's N More Zoo

Today we discovered a little gem of a place in Moapa, Nevada. It's called Roo's N More Zoo and is a little place that has over 160 animals that you can see/touch/hold, etc. The owners are a couple that are both veterinarians. It started with one wallaby and has grown to the collection they have now. The thing that is so cool about it is that you actually get to interact with the animals. I saw an animal or two there that I have never even seen before. Awesome! Our favorite part of the visit was the behind the scenes tour with the river otters. They were so playful and cute just like a puppy. Ever since our visit Scott and I have been trying to plot a way to be able to have one as a pet (they are endangered in Utah and are illegal for a regular person to have). So, we need to find a way to become a non-profit 501 (c)(3) educational organization and they just maybe we can get one. :0)

Binturong or Bear Cat

Scott with the Zebra

Baby Capuchin Monkey

Some kind of a leopard cat

Playing with the otters.


Mia and Easton with "Frito" the bear cat.

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