Friday, July 20, 2012

Paris Trip (Versailles)

On our final day (Tuesday) before heading to the airport to fly home we headed to Versailles and spent the entire day! There were so many different parts/areas to this place it was mind blowing! The creation of the gardens of Versailles was commissioned by Louis XIV in 1661 and took 40 years to complete!! I'm telling you, you could easily get lost out there.

At the Musical Gardens of Versailles

Walking through the gardens to see the fountains.
There are roughly 28 fountains and groves.

There is a Grand Trianon as well as a Petit Trianon. I think these photos were from the Petit Trianon.

At one point in history (1777-1789) this was the bedroom of Marie-Antoinette.

This was her potty! :0) Remember, no plumbing yet.

Instead of living amongst the hustle and bustle of the palace, Marie-Antoinette had a special estate where she went to escape and get back to a more simpler life. This part of the property was super cool. Old tudor style hamlets, etc. It was almost like something out of a movie.

There's always room for a peach melba!

The Palace of Versailles did not begin as a palace but as King Louis XIII's hunting lodge. In 1661 his son, Louis XVI chose to make it into the palace we know today.

Headed to get in the huge line for the palace tour.


Famous Hall of Mirrors

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