Monday, December 17, 2012

Bella's Pedigree

Bella was the smallest pup in a litter of 10 AKC registered Vizsla's from Lady and Roscoe. She was born on October 16th, 2012.

ROSCOE comes from a hunting preserve out of South Dakota and is an EXCELLENT hunter!! He is said to be a better bird dog than all of the labs that he goes hunting with. Roscoe has a beautiful color and an excellent temperament. 

LADY is sweet, mellow and very sensitive. She has never been left alone and she would prefer to keep it that way! She is very gentle and loving but she also has a curious side. If we can't see or hear her we know she is most likely playing in the pillows on the bed and rolling them off onto the floor. Or scouting out the kids rooms for anything that they may have left out that would be a great toy!! She is creative and can use her paws to get into just about anything. Her favorite activities are playing fetch, stealing the ball from her sister, chasing her sister, stalking birds in the back yard and playing with the kids. When she is not doing any of these things she is usually trying to find someone to pet her. She is such a sweet dog!!! 

Lady comes from excellent champion bloodlines. Her grandpa is "Konner", he is the top winner Vizsla of all time! You can view his website here. 

Lady's Dad is "Chase". He is also a championed show dog with a very impressive pedigree. Chase is the son of Konner. You can view his webpage and pedigree here. 

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