Saturday, December 15, 2012

Newport, CA Trip

We got to go to Newport this past week with Yaya and Papa! It is one of our favorite places to visit each year because of all the fun things we get to do. After the long drive to get there we are always anxious to get out of the car in Long Beach and go to the Aquarium. We love to feed the Lorikeets and spend time at the touch pools.

We usually make it to church on Sunday which is right next door to the Newport Temple. It is such a beautiful place!

Scott, mom, and I drove into LA to catch a Lakers game and they just happened to be playing the Jazz! My mom was in heaven! :0) We had awesome 6th row center seats!

Our day spent at Disneyland was BUSY, especially since Mia insisted on meeting every single princess that she could! I think that I waited in line for 2 hours for her to get to meet Rapunzel and Eugene.

We also got to meet Wreck-It-Ralph. That was a fun addition.

Mia was a big brave girl and went on every ride that she was tall enough to go on this year (which finally included Splash Mountain)!

There is always time to go hang out at the beach. :0) The kids enjoy building sand castles, chasing the birds, and exploring the tide pools to see what little creatures they can find.

California Adventure was fun this year with the opening of Cars Land. I was super impressed. It looks just like the movie and the Car Racers ride was awesome! Technically I wasn't supposed to go on it but Scott gave me his clearance.

Scott, Easton, and Papa ventured up to Universal Studios on a day that was supposed to be rainy and it turned out they didn't get much rain and most of the crowds stayed home. They had a great time!

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