Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Easton!

Wow, there have been all kinds of birthdays around here in the past few weeks. Nothing like gaining 5 pounds on birthday cake. :0)

My big boy Easton turns 7 years old today! Sometimes it seems like just yesterday he was a little toddler running around. :0) Happy birthday bud! We love you!

Birthday party with friends at Pirate Cove Pizza.

Opening family gifts.

Easton was stoked to finally get Skylander Giants!

He also got a Billy the Exterminator t-shirt and bobble head. He loves that show. :0)

Easton requested an "oreo" cake which I had to make twice because the dog got to the first one!

It took 3 tries to get those candles blown out!

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Angie said...

When did our babies grow up?!? We can't have 7 year olds. Looks like he had a wonderful day. And I love his Brooklyn shirt! :)