Friday, December 7, 2007

Utah ranks #1 for the most depressed people

A recent article on msnbc talks about a study conducted by Mental Health America that ranks Utah as the most depressed state in our nation. (To see the article copy and paste this link to your web browser: It basically attributes the depression to having very few resources to mental health care. The study also states that the more highly educated a state’s population is, the lower its rate of depression. That theory makes sense but are they calling Utah uneducated?!!! So, this topic has sparked discussion with the family and I'm interested to see what everyone else thinks. I have my theories on why Utah could be the most depressed state. Anyone care to check out the article and share their thoughts?


Maren & Danny said...

Wow-that is crazy! You would think that with so many members of the church (people who have the light of the gospel in their lives) it wouldn't be so bad. But you also have to take into account how much is expected of the church's members (especially the women). We have talked alot about this in our book club; if you let it-life as an LDS woman & mother can be a little overwhelming & it is hard to feel like you are good enough or doing enough. If you haven't already read I am a Mother by Jane Clayson Johnson- then you should! It is awesome-she talks about how we are all so different; with different strenghts, weaknesses, & challenges. We have got to stop judging each other & ourselves! Plus, as members of the church, maybe we feel like we can't ask for help or drugs if we need it. We think of that as a sign of weakness & our pride gets the better of us. Thanks for the topic-I am interested to see what others say. Hope you enjoy my 2 cents! love ya!

*~MEINERS~* said...

I totally agree with Maren plus the fact that Utah women tend to have more kids so probably post partom depression is alot higher here too. But with the light of the gospel we all need to move on!