Monday, August 4, 2008

Garage Sale Anyone???

So, we are getting closer and closer to moving into the new house. August 29th is our closing date. In preparation to do so, I've decided to have my first ever garage sale. For some reason I don't like the term "garage" in the sale. To me it indicates junk. We really don't have a ton of stuff to try and sell but what we do have I do not consider to be junk. For example, a kitchen table in good, stable condition, a computer tower, couch and chair (we're converting to leather), tv w/remote, fully functioning palm pilot's and mp3 players, etc. Thought we'd try and get a little money out of a few things rather than donating them right away. Maybe I could call it a "moving sale?" At any rate, I've never done one of these things before. I have a few weeks to prepare. Any advice from any of you experienced (or not) garage sale holders? Do's, don'ts? :)


Lisa said...

Jess- I am garage/yard/moving sale fanatic!! Pretty much all my boys clothes and 1/2 their toys come from garage sales. A website with really good tips for selling OR buying is:
From my experience selling, here are some do's. 1. Have BIG, legible signs 2. Have plenty of change on hand 3. Decide beforehand if you'll take checks- I'd be cautious of that 4. Be ready for EARLY birds 5. Price everything at least one day before, and have an idea of how low you'd be willing to negotiate on the bigger ticket items 6. Go to a few garage sales in the next couple weeks, and get a rough idea of what kind of prices are reasonable in your city. Good luck with it! I'll be interested to hear how it goes.

Angie said...

Man, I wish I lived next to you again so could buy your couch and chair. I love your couches!
I know Walmart and such places have price stickers for garage sales. It's usually with the stationary/pen type stuff.
And I would definitely call it a moving sale, not a garage sale in your case. Good luck!

Threlfall Mysteries said...

So, Jess, I love having garage sales. I must admit, I love going to them as much as I like having them. Here's my theory for them when giving them: the goal is to get rid of it so you don't have to ship it to the good will, and/or D.I. so sell it at a price to get people's attention and want to buy it quick. Have it organized the night before and be sure to have change, especially quarters. Also, make sure there are signs so it is easy for people to find. The more signs the better, which leaves no room for confusion. I don't know how big the city is that you live, but if its fairly good size, as in as big or bigger than St. George, I'd put it in the paper too. Die-hard yard sellers, such as myself map their day out ahead of time from the yardsales that are printed in the paper.
I'm so excited for you to have this, be sure to blog about it. Also, I want to see pictures of your new house, I bet it is beautiful. I hope the move goes smooth for you guys.

Frank, Heidi and Family said...

We just had our first sale in June and it went better than I thought. I read all the tips on the internet and had everything priced before-hand. Price things just a tad higher because everyone wants to haggle and feel they got the best deal. Also, the last 1/2 hour or so we put up big signs that said "half-off" just so we didn't have to pack it all back up in our garage.
My friend wanted most of the people to come to hers early so she had in the paper "first two hours every customer who makes a purchase gets a can of pop" or something like that.
If it's hot it doesn't hurt to have a water jug and cups for your shoppers and for you and Scott. Good Luck.

Chris & KayDee said...

Ya.... I loved garage sales growing up only cuz mom always let us keep the money!!