Friday, January 30, 2009

Flashback Friday

There are a lot of people who do a weekly post with the same theme each time. I kind of like the idea and have decided to go with "Flashback Friday" for our blog. Each Friday I will post a picture and story to go along with from the past. Thought it would be fun! :)

On that note . . . . this is a picture of the outside of some restrooms in Auckland, New Zealand. We spent a week and a half in New Zealand after a week and a half in Australia and picking up my sister Shelbee from her mission in 2006. We all got the biggest kick out of this!


Bonnie said...

Jessica, I have to tell you that your two kids are so dang cute! Your little girl is so darling...I can see you in her little face.
I wish you and Carly lived closer so your mom and I could make a big fuss over these precious grandkids!
Claire is walking and talking fast it goes by.
You and Carly are cute moms!!

Amy and Jeremy said...

Interseting and memorable for sure. Sounds like it was a great trip.

Tia said...

I would LOVE to see Australia and New Zealand! That pic of the bathrooms is hilarious! I took pics of the bathrooms in Hawaii, and they had the little stick figure man and woman dressed in hawaiian shirts and leis. Fun stuff.

Maren and Danny said...

k- that is seriously funny! I love the 'long drop' one-Danny is going to start using that I am sure! :0)