Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Easton Funnies

A lot of bloggers do so well at keeping track of the funny things their kids say. My problem is that I forget what it was before I can get to doing a post on the blog! So, I made it a point to remember some of the funny exchanges from the past week. He's our silly boy!

*One afternoon Easton follows me into the bathroom. This is the bathroom that we have his potty chart and the treat jar. After I finished my business Easton said "good job mom, now you can have a treat! Go ahead, take one." It made me laugh.

*Easton (upon walking into Old Navy and seeing the head-less mannequins): "Dad, what happened to their heads???
Scott: I don't know Easton.
Easton: Let's go find them!

*(I am changing Mia's dirty diaper) Easton: (Busts into song from a Backyardigans episode)Peeuu, watch out! Peeuu it's rather stinky!

*Easton: Oh no! Oh no, mom!
Me: What's wrong Easton?
Easton: The sun. . . . . it's gone! Oh no! (It got cloudy and he thought the sun had disappeared)

*(Scott and Easton are watching the Super Bowl game) Scott: Look Easton, even football players are losing their jobs.
Easton: I don't believe it dad! (And hits his forehead with his hand.)

*Easton: Mom, I want to watch Tater Totter.
Me: What?
Easton: I want to watch Tater Totter, please!
(Come to find out, he wanted to watch Harry Potter!)


Angie said...

LOL...I love these stories! The diaper changing story was my favorite!

Liz said...

So cute! I love the funny things kids do!

Lisa said...

You will be so glad you wrote these down- it is easy to forget! I love the 'tater totter' one.

Tia said...

These are so cute! I need to remember to write that stuff down too. That's my goal this week. I'll blog about it next week!

Lainee said...

Gotta love kids!! :) BTW I used to print my book. I am excited to see it, I hope it turns out! What company did you use? How much did it cost?

Chris and KayDee said...

Those are funny, I can see how it would be easy to forget! Mia is beautiful.... how much does she weigh now??

Erin said...

So funny Jess! Go deserve a treat for going potty. :) Good luck trying the potty training again. I wish I had amazing advice for you but I really just think it's all about the child being ready. (Ellie sure wasn't when I tried with her...3 different times!) Oh...and I wanted to tell you I bought the Cannon Rebel XSI (is that the one you have?) I was trying to choose between it and the nicer 50D, but decided the 50D was too heavy and overwhelming for a first time SLR user. Also wanted to tell you your Friday Flashback idea made me smile...I was just thinking of doing that same thing a few days before because I love posting random old pictures. Great minds think alike! :)

The Harrises said...

Very funny stories! A very clever kid. I enjoy your blog so much!

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