Sunday, January 3, 2010

Where did 2009 go?

Just like that . . . it's over. And here I sit on January 3rd trying to catch up clear back from Thanksgiving. Lately it seems like all I post about are my great deals at the grocery store. There's always more going on I've just been a blogging slacker and I've already start 2010 off on the wrong foot when it comes to the blog. At any rate, in an attemp to redeem myself and get caught up . . . here is a little recap of the last few months.

*Easton played his last soccer game for the season.

*We ate Thanksgiving dinner all by ourselves.

*Mia learns how to reach the snack basket in the pantry.

*Mom came to visit the day after Thanksgiving. We LOVED having her here!!!

*Easton writes a letter to Santa and is POSITIVE that he's been a good boy.

*The kids THOROUGHLY ENJOY their advent calendars sent to them all the way from England by our friend Lynne! Thank you!!!

*We all had a wonderful Christmas! Santa brought Mia a Melissa & Doug kitchen (which I fell in love with as it was simple yet cute and different . . . everything out of wood . . . fruit and veggies to cut, cookies, pizza, ice cream cones, and birthday cakes to make) and Easton, the Handy Manny Repair Shop. Both were a hit!

Happy New Year 2010!


Mindy said...

Cute cute! looks like fun! Welcome back to the blogosphere... I for one missed your presence!

Angie said...

Look how cute Mia continues to get! She looks more and more like Easton. Looks like you had a fun Christmas.
And yes, I missed your blog presence as well. I feel very left out of your life. :)

Amy and Jeremy said...

I always love your pictures and blog. Your kids are so cute and look like they are having the best time. I like the Melissa & Doug stuff too. My mother-in-law works at Roberts and gets them the toys and puzzles for the boys. Sturdy and darling.