Tuesday, January 5, 2010

FYI: Movie Ticket Deal

If anyone else out there is like me, I hardly ever make it out to a movie in the theater because by the time I buy tickets alone I've already had to cut off one of my arms. Well, just wanted to share a little General Mills Cereal/Movie Promo that is going on right now so that ya'll can get FREE movie tickets like me. :0)

All you have to do is purchse 2 specially marked boxes of General Mills Cereal and from there the instrcutions to get your FREE ticket are on the box. The ticket value will go up to something like $12.50. Easton and I caught a matinee showing of The Chipmunk movie over New Year's and I paid $1 total. You can go to THIS site to see which theaters in your area are on the "participating theater" list. I know our local theaters here are all on it as well as all of the major theaters in SLC, but check just to make sure.

Now, if you want to be even smarter and feel even better about your deal, you'll wait for a sale on the cereal and use lots of coupons (check the general mills site for some cereal printables) like I did today. I paid $6 for 4 boxes of Lucky Charms (they were the only specially marked boxes at my store, though I found one on Cheerios last time)! That translates to 4 boxes of cereal that I would buy anyway, plus two free movie tickets! Love it! Now go buy some cereal!

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Angie said...

Sweet! Thanks for the information.