Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I have decided to attempt a new Wednesday ritual by posting my great deals at the store. Hopefully it doesn't get boring to everyone because it sure makes me excited!!! :0)

When looking at the totals and percent of savings of today's deals, it may not seam that great on first appearance BUT you need to look at the items. Most of these are all more expensive-type items. When you can get savings on things like this, it's great!

The List (Publix):
4 boxes Honey Bunches of Oats (Family Size)
2 gallons milk
1/2 gal. chocolate milk
2 Egg Beaters
2 tubes Neosporin
3 packs Neosporin + To Go Case
5 boxes Band Aid Brand Band Aids
1.67 lbs. Bananas
2 bottles Flistone Vitamins
8 Reach Total Care Toothbrushes
2 packs Reach Total Care Floss

Total Paid: $29.39
Total Saved: $101.94 (77.6% savings)

The List (CVS):
4 bottles Irish Spring Body Wash
1 bottle Nivea Body Wash

Total Paid: $8.21
Total Saved: $19.00 (70% savings)


Christan said...

I am still anxiously awaiting to hear how you are doing this!! :O)

Angie said...

I scored some awesome deals here in Utah yesterday as well. I was going to take a picture then I forgot and put it all away and didn't want to pull it back out again.

Alice said...

That's my girl!