Thursday, February 25, 2010

What a Character!

Though it is apparent that Easton looks more like me than he does Scott, he is COMPLETELY like Scott when it comes to his nature, temperament, and most of all . . . imagination.

Lately he was introduced to the Ghostbusters while over at our friends house during the power outage. They were playing Ghostbusters on the Wii and he was totally enthralled with it. At some point Scott mentioned to Easton that there was a Ghostbusters movie so naturally, he asked to watch it. About a week or two ago I finally gave in and let him watch it. I don't even remember the last time I saw it, easily over 10 years ago though. Easton watched it and was hooked! He wanted to watch it again and again, and would run around the house talking to himself about Ghostbusters. Today while we were eating lunch Easton thought he would enlighten me about it.

Easton: Mom, the Ghostbusters are Ray and Peter, and I forgot the other guys name.

Me: Oh, that's good. I don't know the other guys name either.

Easton: They run around with guns and catch the ghosts. And there is a ghost named Slimer. He "slimes" Ray.

Me: Oh, cool.

Easton: And the boyfriend is the Key Master and the girlfriend is that Gate Keeper.

Me: Oh boy, looks like you've seen too much Ghostbusters. :0)

Easton really does have a funny imagination. At night when he goes to bed he and Scott read books and usually tell stories. This is where he gets all his practice. Easton can usually spend a few minutes telling a story now. One of his favorites is "Dave the Unicorn." On nights when he chooses me to put him to bed (which is rare) he gets upset that we can't do stories because I'm just not any good at that.

Speaking of bedtime, Easton also likes to sing songs. First he has to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and then Old McDonald. Easton's version of Old McDonald starts out normal (with a cow) but then it goes a little askew. Old McDonald usually ends up having a wrom, a spider, a snake, a lizard, then a pig. And he has distinct little noises he makes for each one that is just hillarious. If you feel like a laugh, I'v included a short audio clip of Easton singin Old McDonald.


Angie said...

What a character! He is getting so big. His voice is so cute. I love that he knows so much about the Ghostbusters. I wouldn't even dare show Brooklyn that right now, but boys and girls are different as far as ghosts go. Brooklyn is terrified of them. Easton probably thinks they are cool.
BTW, we finally got a webcam. We'll have to try it out one day with the kiddos.

Frei Family said...

So Sweet!

Sandie said...

Love it!