Monday, March 1, 2010

Couponing Conundrum Part 4: How to find the deals (and not just groceries)

Fortunately in the couponing world there are TONS of super nice people that put in a lot of work & effort to discover good deals, match up coupons and turn around and put all that info on their blogs to share with us. It makes couponing and deal finding SO much easier! I have a list of blogs/websites that I check daily for freebies and deals (not just groceries). Feel free to check these out for yourselves and add them to your blog roll to stay on top of the action. :0) Most of these sites have previews of the new sales before they even start so you can get your coupons together before hand and plan out your "deal getting" route.

All things Publix: I Heart Publix

All things Target: Totally Target
This lady is GREAT! If there is a new item marked down or marked for clearance, new gift card deals, sales, etc. She'll tell you about it as soon as it happens.

Other Stores & Random Deals (including Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart, etc.):
I Heart Saving Money
Hip 2 Save
Money Saving Mom
A Few Shortcuts
Faithfully Frugal & Free
For the Mamas
** These site will also post any "online deals" from many different places . . . children's clothing stores, toy stores, department stores, etc. This is also a great place to find out about various sweepstakes you can enter and all the different manufacturer mail in rebates. I'm typically skeptical about those giveaways thinking that nobody actually ever wins but a few months ago a lady and acquaintance in my neighborhood won $10,000 from a sweepstakes at our local Publix store (she could choose between the cash or a dream superbowl vacation)!!!!

If there is a "Freebie" of any kind it can usually be found here: The Freebie Blogger

In case you missed the first 3 posts on couponing you can find them here:
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Erin said...

You are so funny Jess! I'm glad this is working for you. I just CAN'T get into it! I've never been into coupons. I'm sure I could save a ton if I'd take the time to do it. Maybe I'll just hire you. Of course then all the money I'd save couponing would go to you and I'd be back where I started anyway. :)