Monday, May 3, 2010

Silly Frog!

A few days ago I was reminded of a silly South Carolina Frog Phenomenon (maybe it's not just in the south but we'll pretend it's so for this post). I just got home from swimming. Scott and the kids came out to welcome me home. My friend Alice drove that day. When she went to pull out I noticed there was a big frog in the road. I just hate seeing squished frogs in the road (which is NO rare occurance here - especially after a good rain storm) so I had her wait while I tried to shew it off the road. I hesitate picking them up because you just never know where they have been or what they are going to do, though they are probably as harmless as a fly. The first couple of times I tapped its rear it jumped, making it's way off the road. Then we came to the gutter. I was having a hard time getting him over the gutter because he went into  "play dead mode." I've never seen a frog do this before. It completely freezes up and plays dead. You can do anything to it and it WILL NOT move. It's hillarious! After about 2 minutes of this frog rolling up and down the gutter like a little ball I finally got him onto the grass. Phew! Safe and sound . . . . . until Mia decides to make a b-line for the front door and steps right on top of the frog! Here I went to all that work to save him from the perils of an SUV tire and here Mia goes and steps on the thing in the grass. Luckily she doesn't weigh as much as an SUV and didn't do any damage. :0)


Tia said...

Eeew! She stepped on it!? That gives me the heebie jeebies.
I'm glad the little froggy is okay!

The Mom said...

Bwahahaha! That is so funny!

Angie said...

Way to save the frog! Now to teach Mia the art of saving a frog. I can't believe she stepped on it either. I wonder what it feels like to step on a frog? :)