Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to School

Preschool started up again last Wednesday for Easton and I'm just getting around to posting a few pics. He is now going 4 days/week and absolutely loves it! He wakes up plenty early every morning because he is so excited to go to school. Each morning when Easton goes to get his backpack Mia goes and gets his old backpack from last year and has to take it with us too. It's pretty darn cute.



Along with getting back to school, Easton has had to get out of "summer-mode" of doing whatever, whenever. I found a great app for my phone (another one of the many reasons I love my iPhone) to help him do that. I knew we needed some kind of reward system to get him to work on doing certain things. He loves playing on my phone so I thought this would be perfect! It's called iReward Chart. Requires no creativeness on my part. :0) No stickers, no giving him money, etc. They can earn "stars" for the things that they do and then they "cash-in" the stars for rewards. You determine the tasks and the rewards and how many stars each reward costs. The app keeps track of everything. He now has to earn enough stars in order to watch tv or play a game on my phone, etc. This is also great to encourage certain habits like playing nicely with his sister, sharing, taking turns, finishing all of his meals, and putting his plate in the sink, etc. I highly recommend it!!!



Angie said...

I'm going to have to try that app! I don't have a IPhone, but I do have a ITouch so I'm sure it will work. Thanks for the idea!

The Harrises said...

Exciting new app, I just need the IPhone.

Tia said...

I love the look on Mia's face! And I can't believe how big she is! Have you really lived there for 3 years!? Time has flown by!!!