Sunday, August 15, 2010

What we've been up to!

I've been procrastinating to sit down and blog. Life seems relatively boring now since returning from Utah. :0) We did have a great time and to say that the kids LOVED playing with their cousins 24/7 would be an understatement! It was so nice to be with family and see some different views and landscapes besides green trees. My heart jumped out of my chest as we flew into St. George and I got to see my favorite red rock!

There were 2 things, or changes that happened with the kids that started and Utah and we continue dealing with here:

Mia, at 22 months, decided that she wanted to start using the potty! She saw her cousin Saidee do it in Utah and started asking to go little by little. So, I had to break down and go buy teeny tiny underwear. I was not prepared for it at all. Easton did not potty train until he turned 3!!! When we got home we gave it a go and she did good for a bit and then not so good. My thoughts were to let her wait a little longer to develop a little more control BUT the second I decided to stop taking her to the potty she started asking to go again. I couldn't tell her no. So, we are back at it. She does well most of the time but I have reverted to switching between underwear and pull-ups (which I did not use with Easton) so that I don't have to clean up the occasional accident. Am I lazy???? :0) I will say though, little girl nderwear is cute and Mia loves wearing them.

Easton has developed this mild case of what I would probably call anxiety. All of the sudden he is "worried" about various things. For example, while in St. George he was worried that he was going to be shy in primary. What? I didn't think he even knew what "shy" meant. And why would a 4 year-old be worried about being shy? We had a very rare storm while in St. George and he was constantly worried that it was going to rain and thunder. He still does that here but I kind of know why on that one. When the storms roll through here (like they do just about every evening when it is so hot and humid like it is) the thunder and lightning is VERY extreme. The thunder literally shakes the house and the sound is like it's coming through a loud speaker right into your ear. It was scary to me at first but we've lived here for 3 years now. It's nothing new. Another of his favorites is that he is worried that he isn't going to get any sleep. It's lots of little things that don't really matter but telling him that it's okay or that he doesn't need to worry doesn't seem to help. I read an article online the other day that talked about making a "worry box" so when they are worried about something you write it down on a piece of paper and then put it in the box. And putting it in the box is supposed to be like giving your worry away. ????? Maybe it's worth a try. If anyone that has had experience with this and is by some miracle still reading, give me some advice would ya? I'm about to go crazy! :0)

On a better note, Easton goes back to preschool in just a few days and that will be very good for him. Scott has been working hard as usual and I have been on mom duty here at the house as well as beginning training for a century ride (100 miles) coming up at the beginning of October. Yahoo!

(Scott and the kids hunkered down during a storm. They were ready for a power outage, he he he.)


Angie said...

Thanks for the update! Wow, little Mia is too big. I can't believe she potty trained herself. Cleaning up messes is never fun. Hope it continues to go well.
As far as Easton, no great advice here, but I would try the worry box. It doesn't hurt to try!

Sandie said...

Big changes! You might want to use the pullups since Mia is so young. Maybe you could put the cute undies over the pullups.