Sunday, December 12, 2010

Is it true???

Yes, it is! After nearly 2 months I am sitting down to update the blog. There has been plenty going on . . . too much, in fact. So, for posterity's sake, here is the rundown.

October 9: I participated once again in the Tour de Round O century ride (100 miles) with my peeps of Agility Racing. We have such an awesome and supportive group!

October 16 - November 7: We had the pleasure of having family in town to visit. My sister KayDee and her 2 kids came out with my mom. A little while after KayDee and kids went home my dad came out to join my mom. This was my dad's first visit to Charleston since we moved out here 3 years ago. We had a great time doing all kinds of things and the kids enjoyed playing with each other.

November 7: The Coastal Carolina Fair came to a close. I entered the maximum of 4 photographs into the photography contest and I came away with 3 awards. I was so excited!!!

2nd Place: B&W Division II

Honorable Mention: Color Division II

Honorable Mention: Color Division II

For the rest of November and through mid December I was blessed to be able to stay busy with photography. 2010 has been such a great year and truely has been wonderful getting to meet so many fun new people! I also launched a new photography website Check it out sometime!

As Christmas time draws closer I have had all kinds of projects to do like getting the cards put together and making our yearly Jensen family calendar. I've also been slowing cleaning out closets and things in preparation for packing up and moving back to Utah. If you are a trooper and have read long enough to get to this point then you will know that it is official. We got permission from Scott's company to move back home. We are not sure when this will all happen but our house here is now up for sale and we are looking at homes in the St. George/Santa Clara area. We couldn't be more excited! We miss being near our families!


Lisa said...

Awesome pictures, awesome bicycling, and awesome news about moving back to St. G! I'll be there this week til maybe the 26th, if you are there maybe I'll see you at McDonald's or something ;-)

Tiffany said...

Yay!! For coming back!! Hopefully we'll get to see each other once in a while.

Sara said...

Wow, those photos are so breathtaking. You're such a fantastic photographer!