Wednesday, December 28, 2011

4 Wheelin' Adventure

Yesterday we headed out with my mom and dad to go explore some trails here in Santa Clara. Any kind of outing with my dad is usually more of an "adventure" than an outing. :0) That being said, just into the first part of the ride we come upon the little Santa Clara river. Mia was riding in the Razor with my dad and off they went right through the river without too much trouble. Scott and Easton were on a 4 wheeler and my mom and I were in the Rhino so we all opted to turn around and head back up the hill. We took a few pictures and were taking in the view when we noticed that we could no longer hear the engine of the Razor in the distance. I walked over to the edge of the hill to look down and there was dad, stuck in the middle of the river. He got Mia out of the Razor so she wouldn't get wet. We all rode back down to see how we were going to get him out. The Rhino had a winch on it so we hooked it up but it was not powerful enough to get the Razor out on it's own. The rear wheels were buried in the sand under the water nearly up to the top! It took dad, Scott, and I about 20 minutes of lifting, digging with sticks, and trying to shove rocks under the tires to finally get it out! We then went on our way again. Mom and I hung to the back a way so that we wouldn't get dusted out.  After about 10 minutes we turned a corner where the trail narrow and up ahead we saw Scott and Easton on a hill, 4 wheeler tipped up on it's rear end, Scott laying on his back on the ground (Scott's legs were keeping the 4 wheeler from tipping over on him), and dad running up the hill to help! I nearly died! That would be the worst thing that could happen for Scott and Easton to have a 4 wheeler to tip over on the top of them. It was a good thing Scott's legs were long because he kept it from tipping long enough for dad to get up there and help. I didn't see how Easton escaped but apparently he pulled an Indiana Jones and hung from the cross bar of the handlebars until he was able to drop safely. :0) At that point I thought that our little caravan had had enough adventure! We turned around to head back and on the way stopped to look at various petroglyphs. It was a fun outing and we're glad we escaped injury free!

As an added note, my camera used on this trip went through the wash in my coat pocket after the ride. I was able to save the pics off the SD card but my bag of rice was not enough to save my camera. :0(

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