Wednesday, January 4, 2012

And off he goes!!!

I have been wishing for a long time now that Easton would enjoy riding his bike more so I could get him riding WITHOUT training wheels. I had a neighbor once tell me to lower the seat and take off the pedals and let them glide a little to help get their balance down. It sounded like a novel idea so we gave it a try. It really didn't go so well. Both Easton and I ended up frustrated and called it quits. :0) A week or so ago, my mom was watching all of the grandkids and took them over to the church parking lot to ride their bikes. Afterward she commented to me that if I would take him over there and work with him, we could probably get his training wheels off. My immediate reaction was "yah right!" Well, today we were looking for something to do and the kids needed to get out so we loaded up the bikes and headed off to the church parking lot. I let Easton ride around for a minute or two and then we took the training wheels off. I stayed by his side for a couple of tries and then . . . . I let go! And what happened . . . . to my surprise he took off! He was riding all by himself and I could hardly believe my eyes. So let today got into the Orchard Family Record Book . . . . Easton can ride his bike without training wheels! :0)

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Lisa said...

Way to go Easton!