Saturday, July 6, 2013


We spent a quick weekend at the cabin in celebration of the holiday. We hung out and spent some time up at the reservoir kayaking and swimming. Bella got to try her hand at some more swimming and did EXCELLENT! The DNR had just dumped a whole bunch of fish in at the boat ramp and Bella kept trying to catch them in the water. She was like an energizer bunny out in the water and loved every minute.

We found a sickly baby hummingbird outside on the deck and attempted to nurse it back to health. The poor little thing went from looking dead to flapping his wings a little and even eating a little sugar water here and there. The problem we had was that it was cloudy and we couldn't get the little guy warm enough. He survived the night but then died the next morning as we were trying to warm him up. The kids took him and gave him a proper burial. :0)

Bella had a blast walking the trails, exploring, and chasing little critters. She is so at home in the outdoors like this!

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